Tuesday, June 2, 2009

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I really have been training this past week. I haven't been blogging very well, due to work and family committments, but I have been training. Mostly, some short workouts on the dummy and some Wing Chun sets that won't take a lot of room to practices.

Today, after recovering from some hellacious swimming and a sunburn I caught at Ft. DeSoto, I decided to throw myself back into what I did last week. After a full-body stretch, I did a hard forms circuit, alternating between the Siu Sup Jee Kuen (Little Cross Pattern Form), the broadsword and the staff. I did it in eight sets of three.

To throw a monkey wrench into my workout, I limited myself to only an hour to do the eight sets of three forms. I knew it would tax my stamina to do that much training with so little rest. But it had two unintended benefits as well.

First, it forced me to relax as I ran through the form. By relaxing, I have improved flow, and learn to let the kinetic energy and the momentum of my movements do most of the work.

Secondly, to have good flow, I have to pay good attention to my stances. Without good stances, the momentum of your sword or staff can pull you off balance.

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