Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rain, Please Go the *%$#& Away!

Next to illness, rain is one of the biggest deterrents to training in my carport kwoon.

I should mention that my carport is barely big enough for my wooden dummy and some other gear. There's very little room to move around. I do most of my work, particularly forms, bagwork and shadow boxing, outside.

As a result, when it's raining, I'm confined under the carport.

That normally wasn't much of a problem when it was just me and the missus. But now that I have a son who looks for any excuse to go outdoors, it's trouble. I can't invite him to stay under the carport with me because there is not enough room for the two of us. He won't stay inside while I'm having all kinds of fun outside. And the wife will kill me if she finds out I let him play outside in the rain.

It's not the rain she's so afraid of - it's the thunder and lightning.

Yes, I'm well aware that the Tampa Bay Area is the lightning strike capital of the world. But I'm also aware that getting hit by lightning is a longshot no matter where you are. That's why they always compare the odds of a longshot happening, (like winning the Lotto) to getting hit by lightning.

My next house will definitely have a garage. But until then, I gotta figure something out so I can train, keep an eye on the kid, and keep the wife off my case.


  1. Have you had a chance to train with any of your other buddies lately?
    The rain is an issue up here in the Pacific Northwest also. I have my workout station (sit-up bench, other exercise stuff) under a small music stage we built by our firepit, and now the Saloon I'm building has a little dry room in it, but outside is what I prefer. Right now it is sunny and close to 70 today, perfect!

  2. Oh and we have the old Grange Hall for our regular Dojo three nights a week...

  3. My carport is big enough for me to train by myself on the dummy, or some strength workout.

    Trouble is, my son wants to come outside whenever I go out. There's not enough room for the two of us in the carport and Roxanne will kill me if I let him play in the rain.

    I just have to figure something out.